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Cold Turkey, Pastors Wife, and Bangs

By   Katherine Wilson      2:43 PM       

After 3.5 weeks of going cold turkey (not seeing T.W. except for two brief moments on skype)  I finally was able to see him! My friend Zach was going up to the Charlotte area for some interviews, and offered me a ride because he was going to the exact same pace T.W. is on Wednesdays. So I rigged some work schedules, skipped choir practice, and left with him at 8:30 in the morning so I could see my fiancée for about three hours before coming back in time for church choir at 6:00. 
The trip is about 2.5 hours both ways. 
And I hate car trips. 

But oh my goodness. I needed to see T.W!
We ate cheap chinese food, talked about housing possibilities for our future home in July, and the whole question of whether or not I feel called to be a pastor's wife. 
Because T.W. is going to be a pastor.
All these years I have refused to marry a pastor because I am a PK (Pastors' kid). 
Isn't it funny how the Lord works?

At this point, to keep things short, I don't feel called, but I feel prepared because of my upbringing and knowledge of how my mom has had to support my dad in whatever he decided for our family. I am already having to follow T.W.'s lead on some things, which is hard for this oldest child! But I am learning, and praying about this whole thing called "calling." T.W. and I really know very little about the biblical foundations for calling, so at this point it's just hard for me to figure out what I am meant to do. I know I was meant to marry T.W., and he obviously knows this too....... but what was I made to DO? As in profession, or role, or job, or responsibility?

It's hard to be patient, but it is situations like this where I learn a little more how to be patient. 

In other news, I brought back the bangs from a near 13 year disappearance!

(before a night on the town Friday)

(Today: looking a pale there from the camera glare!)

It's so different! I feel more creative/artsy now. Haha
Because bangs are SO artsy.

About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. Aw, you two sound cute as hell. It is funny how God works. I never thought I'd marry someone like my dad and I will. He's very similiar to my dad in sooo many ways- besides professionally I mean. But personality wise they are both very much alike. Call it fruedian call it the Lord, who the heck knows, but it is what it is. And it's special that way. Glad you got to see each other.

  2. You need a beret to complete the artsy look now :P

    Have these bangs been incorporated into the wedding hairstyle or did you forget about that? :P

    It scares you a bit when you first find your one and how close to your dad they are. I remember looking at AS's CD collection and thinking, oh dear, he likes all the stuff my dad likes! But then again, I like a lot of it too ;)

  3. Your calling is something that the LORD is calling you to do in complete faith. It's that hope in the unknown as you hold tightly to Gods hand. Your role as a pastors wife will be one of many facets and the Lord will guide you once you get there. So instead of looking to the future look to the calling He is placing on your life for today. And if that calling is to marry this man your in love with and the Lord reconfirms that every minute and hour of the day then TRUST in the LORD and lean not on your own understanding and recognize that YOUR CALLING has been established in what He is telling you to do each and every day. Patience is sooooo hard but when we look at TODAY and not TOMORROW it does make it a bit less stressful. hahaha


  4. @Cait, I have some ideas up my sleeve for wedding hairdos. One of which you will LOVE, I'm sure. :) I may be doing a post soon about hairstyles and updos. It seems to be a 'Kate' thing that people associate me with. Lots of bobby pins and twisty hairstyles. Haha!

    @Cheche, thank you so much! I do need to remember to stop worrying about the future and make sure I am not missing opportunities to serve Him today.

    You guys are the best! :)


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