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I admit it

By   Katherine Wilson      9:16 PM      Labels: ,  

I saw {the flowerchild dwelling} write about her confessions, and thought it was a cool idea, just as she thought it was a cool idea from someone else!

So here goes. 
There are 6.

{1} - I almost never finish a drink (water) when I am out at a restaurant. For some reason I just don't drink as much. Maybe because the food is yummier and out of the ordinary, so I'm focused on eating rather than drinking something normal? Not sure!
{2} - I bought a pair of skinny jeans this past month. And I'm pretty sure they've been the trend for quite a while now. End point: I don't jump on trends right away. Purposefully or un. 
{3} - I used to love the "Mummy Roadshow" on the history channel. Yeah. the show where two guys went around and xrayed mummies to find out if they were fake or not. They mummified roadkill (raccoon) and while I shouted with disgust while watching it, I really thought it was cool. End point: I'm morbid. 
{4} -  I have compared my fiancée to Mr. Tilney. And of course T.W. came out on top. :) But I love the similarities in their wit and the fact that T.W. wants to be a pastor, and Mr. Tilney was a clergyman. (hint of obsession with literary characters?) *ahem*
{5} - I can't stand it when people jiggle their leg while sitting down. It seriously peeves me, and it takes everything that I have to not jump at their throats. I can understand not being able to sit still, I get that way too! But it is a good trait to have to be able to control your... jiggling. 
{6} - When out in public by myself I play with the idea of speaking in different accents when checking out at registers and saying "excuse me." So far I haven't worked up the courage. 

You wanna 'fess up?
Leave me a link to your blog post or leave your confessions here!

About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. I tend to to be a bit of a leg jiggler...:(

    It's not my fault.
    I think it's genetic!

    Also, I work as a receptionist and when I get bored, I tend to answer the phone in varying accents and identities.

    "This Regina Phalange, how may I help you?"

  2. This post is GREAT! And had me laughing at the similarities with myself...(i.e. #1, and #4)

    ––I admit to playing around with accents and usually when I'm hanging out with my sister...just for the fun of it...usually they are lines we've memorized from movies. The preferred accent is usually the British accent-–just b/c we're nerdy that way––well we have talked with this so much so that when I actually did spend three months over in that lovely country i was deathly afraid I'd start speaking with their accent by mistake and make a huge fool of myself...heehee...((I didn't though, phew))

    Also love #4. Mr Tilney is a very worthy character to compare any good man to. No shame there. And even better that your Mister came out on top. Very lucky girl indeed :))) As is he, I'm sure of it!

  3. Haha @Kelli now that you have told me it might be a genetic thing I may have more patience! I have always just thought it was a habit thing!

    @Jeanine Accents and movie quotes are so fun! I have a feeling if we were to hang out in real life we would be doing that together. :) And we could force each other to drink our liquids up. Haha

    Thank You ladies for quoting!

  4. #1: i'm the exact opposite- i always drink way more than normal and have to pee like crazy for the next hour or so!


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