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Being broke isn't fun, and as there are many people out there like me, I thought I would put together some little post about little things in life that bring joy and momentary pleasure, especially right now when it can be dreary outside. Oh. And everything is cheap. :) So here we go. 

 every month has $5 albums. This month they have 
100 albums with something for everyone.
Click {here} to see what they have!

they have a free valentines playlist for those of you
looking for something extra special to listen to 
this weekend-Monday.

I am sure many of you have probably found this site already,
but it is really too good to pass up. I would encourage you to
download Jake Ousley's mini-album. Christian artists are easier 
to find on here than on the amazon $5 albums.
Oh, and Noisetrade is free. They have an option to donate to 
the artist however. Some day I will do this. 
click {here} to go see what they have!

Yeah, those new years resolutions! 
Already fell off the wagon?
Struggling to find the motivation?
Here are some things I have done to keep myself going. 
(P.S. some require a netflix subscription for online viewing.)

{yoga zone} -hulu (a little cheesy, but it's free!)

It's pretty cold outside still, but even just a brisk walk around 
your neighborhood is a good alternative to sitting on your bum! 
Bundle up! 

Take advantage of the south!
We have random warm days beginning this time of year.
Sunday is supposed to be warm, so strap on the tennies
and run! 

Oh, and as for equipment, 
Target has dumbbells in affordable prices. 
I got mine for $3 each during a sale in January. 
According to my hardcore aerobics instructor (I'm taking a PA again
this semester) the fastest place women can get 
results is in the arms. So just buying these little guys
and doing some arm stuff which I'm sure you could even
find on Youtube can bring some satisfying results and motivate
you to work out other areas harder too!

(and beauty)
I'm not a big make-up buyer, but I do enjoy
finding little things occasionally that 
help freshen up my make-up bag and encourage
me to put on more than just concealer and mascara

My new find recently was maybeline's lip stain {here}
I bought the berry tint. Really dark. Will buy one of those 
middle lighter shades for the wedding!

Hair how-tos

These seem to be popping up more and more on 
my new obsession, pinterest.
trying this! gonna try this out :)

That can keep ya busy!

You knew this was coming.
I think everyone these days is learning how to
find a good deal on clothes, but I recently found
form-fitting than their typical turtle necks and boring crew tshirts.

Lands End Canvas
They have a great sale going on.
Including on their swimming suits. 
Once I get paid I am buying my honey moon swim-wear! 
I have never owned a two piece swimming suit in my life,
and I think by the age of 23 I need to at least have a tankini. 
Or even a bikini! 
For a grand total of $20 I could have a suit! Wow.
and this sweater... I love.
Perfect for the transition into spring! No? 

And to some how make an effort of being discrete. 
I can't leave out my new fav. undies brand. From Target!

I could go on and on with this list, and I will! Next Friday I will try to get some more neat, cheap, and fun stuff together for you. Now to take down my hair from that updo I posted about before, and get some homework done!


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