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Spring eh?

By   Katherine Wilson      1:55 PM       

My friends, I must apologize. 
Once again I fell off the wagon of blogging consistently, and there really isn't much excuse other than laziness and the inability to find interesting things to write about or tell you!
I am spending my last day of spring break studying and doing all of the reading I didn't do this whole week. While I have been unproductive in some areas, I have succeeded in accomplishing a number of things.

#1: I have taken my wedding dress to be altered! 
The lady was super nice, lives just about ten minutes down the road, and will press the dress free of charge. She basically re-made my friend Heather's dress, so I trust her to do a good job of taking it in and re-hemming it. Sorry I can't give details about the dress! I am super paranoid T.W. will read my blog on a whim some day and find out something. He probably never reads this, but he would the one time I let myself slip. ;) My one concern about this lady is, her house smelled (not overwhelmingly) of smoke. I may be enlisting your help in de-smoke-smelling my dress. I hope and pray it stays in the bag when she isn't working on it. I will have to ask Heather how hers smelled when it was finished.

#2: I can now legally drive. 
I am super embarrassed to say that I have not had a full drivers license until three days ago. NC is ridiculous and the cost of insurance which is mandatory for having a license - even when you aren't driving about 10 months out of the year - was just impossible for me. Now with a second "job" at the church I can afford the payments until T.W. and I get our own policy. Just being able to drive myself is going to be a great help in doing wedding stuff in the next 3.5 months. (GAH! It's coming up fast!) I won't complain about how frustrating it was for four years of college not being able to drive. I'll just be happy and content with a valid ID that only needs one glance when I'm carded at a restaurant when I order a drink. :)

#3: T.W. and I are now registered for some wedding gifts at both Belk, and Target. 
WOOT. I am super excited about the every day china I picked out at Belk. I will try to find a picture of it soon and show you. It looks just like me, and it's MIX and MATCH! 

#4: I have been able to see T.W. about 7 times in the past week and a half. 
You didn't think I would leave out the sap did you? Haha. I really hate being at school without T.W. I have been able to spend time with my gal-friends which is such a blessing. I wouldn't be sitting on Beth and Em's futon nearly as much if T.W. were still at school. But really... with only 3.5 months left until the wedding... its getting hard. Phone conversations, while great for learning how to communicate with each other are not enough. Funny how you take just sitting on the couch watching TV with your fiancée for granted until you only get to do it once or twice in three months. Ugh. If anyone comes to me asking if they should have an engagement last a year, I will take them by the shoulder and warn them that engagements are great for that long, but only if you're in separate states for about half the time. If you see each other all the time... I suggest 6 months being the longest. 
I guess we'll look back in this and laugh some day.
But not yet.

Oh, and T.W. has been warned that he is not allowed to go into the service as a chaplain or anything. No. I don't plan on ever being separated longer than maybe a week from T.W. after we're married. If it happens, well... it happens. But as much as I know he would be such a hunk in a uniform, I never want to see a real one on him. Reenacting is fun though!

And now... I must return to this silly studying.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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