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Sollee's back!

By   Katherine Wilson      1:41 PM       
Let's Listen to...

Besides the fact that the cover is inspiring me to make art on graph paper, this CD immediately jumped into my shopping cart on amazon because of it's being Ben Sollee's newest album!

I haven't had enough time to listen to much of the cd, but hereinlies the uniqueness of this post. I will listen and write at the same time, and you will get my honest reactions (in brief sentences I promise) on what his stuff sounds like!

Off we go!
#1: Introduction - Some crazy brass improv stuff which I don't think I'll listen to unless I am listening straight through the album. (sorry Ben, just a little too harsh for me)
#2: Close to You: - "I wanna be close to you...but you're miles away" The contrasting oboe and brass comes back, but not while Ben is singing verses, and only a little bit during the chorus. I like the experimentation with some minor counter melodies. Short song, but it sets up the listener to realize this album isn't a repeat of the last one!
#3: The Globe: Some return of Ben's bluesy sound! Yay! I love the blend of acoustic and electric guitar. Very chill. I have found that Sollee's music is great for driving, and this song immediately puts a picture of me and T.W. driving down the road with the windows down in our truck. 
#4: Hurting: OOoooh the cello. It makes me happy. I was afraid his cello playing would disappear after listening to the first few tracks! I think he really likes this whiny kind of harmonica/oboe sound in the sub levels of these songs. Definitely sounds like low-country Alabama or Louisiana. NEXT!
#5: Embrace: Slow cello chords, likin' it... I like how Ben's voice is exposed more and he is able to show off  his abilities in that area, but the song is almost too minimalistic for me. It would sound great with a duet with a female vocal underneath him. 
#6: Bible Belt: From the looks of this title I'm either going to love it... or dislike the misrepresentation of it. "You wore a champaign dress...bought it at target 'cause it cost less" - that sounds exactly like me! and because it's about a wedding I love it automatically. Oh Ben, you've hooked me. This might be my favorite so far. 
#7: Captivity: Aw little kid singing... and another good driving song. Also liking the female vocal and the absence of the brass and oboe. "I just need someone to know my name" struggling between the leaving of where you don't want to be and heading toward freedom, but not quite finding the satisfaction in it. 
#8: Huddle on the Rooftop: Very nice beat and piano in lowfi recording. Like it like it...
#9: Cluttered Mind: Banjo... Another minimalist song that brings out the vocal ability of Sollee. You almost expect to hear all of the things he is talking about "casset tape of Dr. Kings speech" etc. He's good at putting you into the mellow mood of this setting. 
#10: Electrified: The beat is picked up again! This song has more qualities in it that will make it hard to get out of my head. I love love love the cello parts. It makes me want to hear what he would sound like re-writing some classical pieces! "Built your congregation, now you're televised..." Hmm! 
#11: I need: "You look so familiar, You move like I thought you would, You pray when you need to, you said what I thought you said," 
"You are a believer, You stand up for what you think is good, we want all the same things, you say take it, day by day, I don't know you, Like you think I should, I want you as much as you want want me"


Enough said. 

So, go have a listen! It's not out on grooveshark yet, unfortunately, but with a quick preview on amazon, I think you'll be enticed enough to buy it. :)

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