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Who's counting?

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The days are ticking by! 
I apologize for not keeping you informed of the recent developments in my life, but really, sometimes its best to relate everything after it has happened. I would much rather enjoy the moments of these next few months and write about them post-date.Sitting in front of the computer takes away from the enjoyment!

As you can see the wedding is 39 days away. I am home now, and trying to avoid worrying about how everything is going to fall into place before the big day. The older and wiser people I have come into contact with say "It will all fall into place... at the last minute." Not something I would love to hear, but oh well! T.W. and I have already experienced so much of God's grace in our lives in the past month that should comfort us in the fact that he will provide for our needs. They may not be the needs WE think we should have met, but we will be in His hands no matter the course of events.

I don't think I can list 39 blessings happening right now, But I am going to attempt it: 

1}. A new-to-us truck we were given for FREE after I totaled T's car. (the truck is better anyway!) 
2}. a job for T.W. which he will be able to start very soon 
3}. A paying temporary job for me which I started only three days after graduation. 
4}. My temp. employer who is a Godly woman who has become a kind of role model and mentor these past few weeks in working for her.
5}. Conversations on faith with T.W. on the back of our truck.
6}. The realization that life is short, and we are to make our time on this earth a testament of God's love to others by loving the unlovable.
7}. Blackberries 
8}. The helpfulness and charity of others
9}. Parents who offer advice (even though I am at the end of my rope listening to it when I am 39 days away from being a married woman)
10}. Time on the river with T.W. talking about how we will take our future children to play in lakes and creeks and rivers. (life jackets at all times of course)
11}. The generosity of the ladies of my family church. They showered me with many wonderful gifts yesterday!
12}. Being back in civilization after 4 years of Due West.
13}. The love of friends
14}. The generosity of my roommate and her family who are hosting my and tom's bachelorette/bachelor stuff at the end of this month
15}. Sasha.  the sweet dog that comes and sleeps next to me while I work every day.
16}. Time to get ready for marriage after graduation. I'm kind of glad we decided not to get married in June...
17}. The fact that I was able to graduate on time without any problems!

I don't know if I can think of any more at the moment, but I almost got half-way through it! 

I have intentions of changing the look of my blog again to a more permanent style, but this probably won't happen until august or September.

I am in the process of applying for a job, so if you could all pray that this comes through soon, I would much appreciate it. Now that T.W. has a job I'm not as worried, but I need a job now that will pay more than minimum wage. Don't you hate those college loans?

I hope you are all doing well! I feel like this was a lot of text I just cranked out, so I shall post some pretty pictures of the last few months of school if I can soon! After being on the computer all day at my temp. job I don't much feel like plugging in again after I get home.

Keep a look out on my twitter and tumblr and pinterest accounts if you wish to see what I am up to! I try to update those more regularly. 


About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. I have to add, that if you continue on into your wedding with the wonderful attitude you have, even if things don't fall into place it won't even matter. Once that day comes, all that's going to be important is that you, him and the preacher are there. And if anything goes wrong, your guests probably won't be able to tell the difference anyway! May God continue to bless y'all as you start this new journey together. :)

  2. Thank you steph! I hope to remember all of this through the next 24 days! It's stressful, but a learning experience at the same time. The Lord should be glorified, and as long as that is the goal, everything else will fall to the side.


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