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Confessions of a Coffee House Hopper.

By   Katherine Wilson      8:29 PM       
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The end is in sight. We thought it would be today, but unfortunately the local internet provider we chose is a pain in the tush about letting you do self-set up internet when you live in an apartment. We have to wait until next Tuesday, so just one more week of the almost daily pilgrimages to our nearby caribou coffee shop for internet access and some coffee. For a while it was nice because I was at home all day with no job yet, and in desperate need of scenery, plus we didn't have a coffee pot for a while, and T.W.'s blood/caffeine content started dropping below the necessary levels to function normally. But now that we have a coffee pot of our very own, and I have a job that offers at least a reason to get out of the house... this coffee shop hopping is getting old. 

It's been frustrating especially setting up a new blog and then having to let it languish in a state of little attention! I hate not being able to offer the music mondays two weeks in a row. It's usually a great pick-me-up for my start of the week, and I hope it is for you as well! Never fear... the days are almost over. Cold turkey no more. It will be pinterest until the wee hours of the morning and vimeo watching when I should be cleaning the house. T.W. will be researching local politics and dead theologians to his hearts content soon, and oh! the happy bliss of ravelry to fuel my knitting passion that has resurfaced in the past few weeks.

The one nice thing about the coffee shop hopping is, I have grown to be more conscientious about the people who work at coffee shops. I try to make an extra effort to smile and be patient. I've seen some cantankerous people in these places, and if you had to deal with people who haven't had enough caffeine before they order... you'd need an extra understanding smile too! 

So, the confessions?

1). I don't really like starbucks coffee. I'd rather have one of their shaken iced teas. Yeah, it's not coffee. I know.
2). It really ticks me off when there is only ONE power outlet in the entire place. It's a little less frustrating but only a little, when there are only three, and the people sitting near them don't have a computer with them at all. Save the outlet spots for the people who spend more than ten minutes pretending to read a philosophical book. I'm convinced some people bring a book just to look cool while they sip their lattes. Kudos to you all who actually READ when you're there!
3). Children under 12 shouldn't have coffee. Hot chocolate has enough sugar to keep your kid going. Believe me.
4). Don't have deeply personal conversations in a crowded coffee shop... it makes others around you feel emotionally involved. Now, I must say, I have heard some deeply sad conversations and have prayed small prayers for those people, so know that if you sit near me, you'll be prayed for. :) But don't talk about your sex life. Please.
5). Baristas: Please don't ask more than once if I would like to order something more than just a plain coffee, or just a muffin. I'm at least buying something and not using your internet without making a purchase. :) Isn't that great?
6). More comfy chairs. Period.
7). Every coffee shop should have a microwave. Thanks caribou for having them!

Enough ranting! What are some of your peeves or favorite things about coffee shops?


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