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By   Katherine Wilson      3:36 PM       

I have a confession to make. 
I love free things.
Now, rest assured I do not feel entitled to free things, however nice it is when we receive free stuff. Free samples in the mail, free cone days at Ben and Jerry's, free hugs...
Since I bought my iPod touch over a year ago, I probably bought maybe five apps. 
And I don't even know that I use those as much as I do the free ones.
I have been compiling a list of really useful free apps for about a month now, so now that I have enough I thought I would share them with you!
Oh, and they're all centered around creative things. 
Yup. I'm good.

Howdy! is a free e-card app that gives you multiple ways to customize and send some really unique cards to  send to friends around holidays, or just to say "howdy!"

The app includes card categories of  video, get well, holidays, photos, love, and party. The photo and the video categories offer the neatest sections for customization and sending personalized messages.

Use your own pictures, or pictures you have saved in your device. Easy peasy! 
Most cards are somewhat animated, and sure to brighten your recipient's inbox.

Knitting bag simple has been a useful device since I picked my knitting back up. I lost my tiny little hand held dial-counter in the move this summer, and with some difficult increase and decrease rows in most of the sock patterns I really needed something to keep track of the rows! This one works great, and though it doesn't really have any frills, I'm finding the simpler the app, the higher likelihood of me using it regularly. I think there is a paid version of this which may contain some more features, but I'll be good with this one for quite a while I think!

The weave app is by far one of the best to-do apps out there that I have used.
The push notifications are frequent enough to remind you of what you need to get done, but they are not obnoxious. They are also easy to set up so they actually go off. I have had problems with apps not reminding me of events and things I needed to get done. The neat thing about this app is, it has the expense feature. A great thing for me as I am starting to think about selling on etsy. All you have to do is start a new project and 

There are folders which act as categories of to-dos or projects, and then within those projects you create the individual projects themselves. When overviewing the categories you can calculate how much time is spent on the projects, the percent completed towards your goal, and how much money has been gained or lost within each category or project. 
Overall, it's just cool.

This one may or may not be kind of cheesy.
I also know some of you may be leery of putting your voice into a public social network, but I think this app is a neat way to make your tweets and status updates more unique; especially if you are a person who tweets a lot for your blog publicity or business. 

You can see I have no followers, and I'm not following anyone at the moment, but that's because I just downloaded it and wanted to share it right away! I think it would be a neat thing to do if you're out and about. Record the sounds of where you are and have friends guess your location. ( If you're worried about safety, just save and post when you're not there anymore - just in case someone who's following you is in the seat next to you at the movie theater or something...)

Another one of the best free video-making apps out there. I love the set up and the ability to change the way things look with not only the preset cinematography settings, but also by changing the lens and the filter colors to create your own unique lighting

(please excuse the tired face, I've been sick lately)

You are given a set about of "money" with which to buy the filters and presets you want. If you want any more past what the app allows you to have for free, you have to pay for more, but it's really not necessary unless you think you will use everything and get your money's worth out of it. It's pretty darn awesome, and makes me wish I had an iPhone with a better camera. I'd be doing vlogging!

And for fun, here's a good crossword puzzle app to stretch your brain. I got T.W. hooked on it the other night to the point where it was hard to pull him away! I would suggest this as a great app for iPad users, but it's on the edge of difficult to use for iPod/Phone users. The size of the keyboard is almost too small.
Still fun to waste time on though!

And now you have no excuse. 
They're all free, they're all cool, and if you have any device that will download them, you should!
Go have fun!

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Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?

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  1. These are all free?! Wow - thanks for showing us what's out there!

    You won the Curate & Love Giveaway on my blog! Can you email me your mailing information to ? Also please confirm for me which of the three pieces you'd like.

    Here's the link to the post:


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