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To perm or not to perm...

By   Katherine Wilson      11:03 AM      Labels: , ,  

Finally, after a five day stint of some stress-filled work, I have some time to myself.  I just made myself a cuppa, and am deciding what to do next. I have some projects (christmas presents) to work on, and a few patterns to hunt down for more presents. The most exciting thing about these two days off is I get to cook! The husband and I have sort of switched roles in the during the past week, and I think it will become a tradition of sorts. When one of us is worn out from work, or anything else, the other will cook for them. I think this will apply to being sick as well, but thank goodness we aren't sick at the moment! 

In other news I'm contemplating a hair change, and it may involve a trip back to freshman year. Yup. The perm. 


I am so glad that shirt was either lost or destroyed... remind me never again to buy a putty green shirt. Me and earthtones had a phase, but thank goodness some color has emerged in my wardrobe.

Then there was the short hair phase, or in the words of a friend, the "duck butt cut" where it was shorter in the back than in the front. 
Lowfi pics ain't workin' here. My apologies for the poor photography.
I will never go this short again for a LONG time. It has taken forever for my hair to grow back out and look normal, and I'm an experimental type with my updo's, so I hated the limits short hair put on my hair creativity. I guess you just have to try it once and then learn from it.

I will definitely not go so curly as before, maybe more along the lines of a wave, and some shorter bangs than I have now. Just to find a good hair stylist who won't charge me an arm and a leg to have it permed and maybe highlighted with some red. 
We shall see...

Anything is better than this! 
(think the bangs should come back?)

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