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Holiday Recap

By   Katherine Wilson      10:09 AM       

I know school hasn't started back yet, but I thought I would go ahead and give my report on "What I did on my Christmas break". I must say that it was rather weird working through the holiday season for the first time in my life, and only having Christmas day off. It's all part and parcel of the retail industry, I know. To be expected and planned on. It was still a shock to my system though.

- Christmas Eve
Worked from 12:00-6:00pm (good short day, can't complain)
Went to Christmas eve service at 7:00, saw two friends I haven't seen in forever! Made mental note to get together with one of them soon.
Drove to friends house 15 minutes away for Christmas eve party. We have gone to this party since I was about 14 I think. It has been interesting to come as a highschooler, then a college student, and now a married working woman.
10:00 went home to chill out and go to bed in our new Christmas pj's.

Christmas morning T.W. woke me up numerous times from his tossing and turning. I was just as hyped up because it was Christmas, but it never really occured to me that he would be too! He was more of a kid than I was!

- Christmas Day

Up and out of bed at 6:30ish
Opened presents, was surprised with some neat techy things from T.W.'s work. I will have to take more pictures now that I have some filters for my camera lens!
8:30 we slowly started getting ready for church and were out the door by around 10:00
10:30 arrive at church where the kids were hyper from the afterglow of opening Christmas presents early that morning. Many a boy still had bed-head, and just about every girl I saw had brought some part of her loot to show off to her other little friends.
11:30ish church is over and we head off to my family.
Opened presents at the old homestead and snacked on crackers, twizzlers and coke. I sit down to watch Rudolph with the sisters and pass out in the living room chair. I'm sure my family thought it was pitiful, but I was just so tired from work and the early morning risethat I couldn't keep my eyes open!
3:00 we leave the house (right before my family started eating dinner... that was hard...) and head to SC.

4:00ish we arrive in C____ S.C. and begin the whirlwind in-law tour! We visited four different homes, and ate about three different desserts and drank soda with each one. Sugar was welcome as a caffeine substitute to keep me awake, but I was still so tired it brought a comment from my Step Grandmother-in-law who said my eyes looked tired. We will just have to plan another trip when I am more rested!
 8:00 we leave the last relative and head back to Charlotte.
9:00 arrive at home, get in pj's, watch the new Tron movie, I fall asleep in the last hour of it, and finally T.W. wakes me up to get me to bed and we both pass out with that good holiday exhaustion.

I apologize for the lack of pictures this time. I am rather disappointed that T.W. and I have no pictures of us for our first Christmas together. Really, we hardly have any pictures of the two of us, and I rarely take pictures any more at events (what few there are that we go to!) I am compiling a list of things I want to be better about this coming year, and documenting our life together is one of the items on the list. Journaling, photographing, archiving and putting into frames... all of it. I need to do it more!

Enjoy your Friday!

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