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Bread, New Bread winning?

By   Katherine Wilson      11:00 AM      Labels: , , , ,  
{ toyokazu, my new favorite photographer on flickr}

This morning is one of those mornings where I leave the house at 9:30, and won't be home until that same time tonight. However, panera seems to ease the fact of having a long day. Bread in general does that. Any kind of chewy warm bagel and some chive and onion cream cheese and I am relaxed, happy to have some time where I can browse the internet and then attempt tuning out all three job interviews going on around me.

Speaking of jobs...

There have been some recent developments in my own employment status. I'm still at my current job, no worries, but there are some things in the works and two interviews later I am waiting on the word back about full details and the official offer at another place. This new job would offer a far more stimulating and challenging environment where I could cultivate my skills in computer work. I would be free to create things when asked, be of use, and get paid better. Win win win. WIN. The only thing I am waiting on is the extent to which I will be working, but honestly, anything that brings an opportunity to exit the world of department stores and rampant materialism... I am all over it.

I honestly cannot stop thinking about the possibilities the future could bring. A new boss, a new job, new things to learn, new people to meet, new places to go, an office environment where people cannot violate your personal space-bubble... oh my. These next few weeks will be hard. But a good kind of hard.

Any way,
I thought I would share some pictures so you can go giggle over the personality of this photographer's daughters.

{they have pringles in Japan?}

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  1. YES! My husband makes yummy homemade bread every week! SO delicious! Ive turned into some sort of bread-a-tarian! :) Hope your long day turns out to be a good one!


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