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New Series Reveal!

By   Katherine Wilson      12:16 PM       
{patterns from the past}
Many of you probably know by now that I have a passion for history. The pattern in my blog banner and the patterns on my link buttons to the left are from old patterns sourced from the digital archives of the New York public library. I find old pictures of libraries to talk about my hope of working at one nearby (still no word back, keep praying!). I bet you did not know that I was a girl scout for 11 years straight. I wish I had a statistic of how many cookie boxes I sold put together, and how many swaps I made. 

Around Christmas time I was at my parents house for dinner and started talking about my blog and how I had very little inspiration for it. I don't remember exactly what came up in the conversation, buy my mom went back into the den and came out with her copy of the 1920 edition of Scouting for Girls. The guidebook for girl scouts started by Juliette Gordon Lowe in 1912. I flipped through it and found the merit badge section in the back which listed all of the available badges one could earn and the requirements (in great detail)  with each. I immediately got the idea that " wouldn't it be cool if I could go through these and earn them just like the girls earned them back in 1920 and blog about it!?" T.W. said something to the positive encouragement effect, and I went on my way with the day, forgetting to bring the book home with me and pursue it further. 
Well, I buried the idea after a while with stress from work and a doldrum of interest in putting time or effort into creativity. I spent a good amount of time moaning and groaning "woe is me" for a while about my work schedule, the complete lack of FUN in my life, and wallowing in self pity. Recently after a much needed vent to my hubby and his wonderful encouragement I have realized that now is the time to take the time I have, use this time of preparation as T.W. put it, and do something productive and fun, and maybe even turn it into a long term project I can keep working on long after I find a more satisfying place of employment and maybe even a car. 

So. Consider yourself introduced to my new blog series of Scouting for Women.  I will be going by the book, basically, but also putting a modern twist on it so that the methods, techniques and requirements of the merit badges spark some creativity and resourcefulness a little better suited to our day and age. Doing the requirements will not be all. I plan to progress in ranks. As a matter of fact, you could not earn merit badges until you had completed the tenderfoot test and moved into the Second Class scout rank. The tenderfoot stage is fairly easy (ten year olds were passing it with flying colors, so I think us 20 somethings and up can do it with a little more ease). 

I also hope, (and this may prove the most difficult part) to find and buy, or make the merit badges for my own collection. I remember such a huge sense of accomplishment when I received my patches and badges in girl scouts and how great it felt to sew them on my vest and walk into meetings with them on. 
All in all, this will just be a great excuse to make plans for a camping trip with T.W. later this summer and work on my outdoors-woman skills. (In historically accurate uniform?) 

Don't worry, I'll be blogging about other modern stuff, so please do not think this will turn into a full blown second childhood girl scout blog. I'll be finding neat things on etsy, making playlists, and hopefully a lot more. This new series is just meant to help me start some regular blogging, creativity, and overall pure motivation to use my talents and skills as best as I can to glorify God.  Otherwise I would just be curled up on the couch with icecream and reruns of gilmore girls in my time off. 

This is the 100th anniversary of Girl scouting in the United States, and I am so glad I have a way to participate. Having no little girls of my own, and no time to volunteer I hope this is a good way to ad my own "good turn". 

If you would like to follow along, buy your own copy here: Barnes and Noble
The new reprint is now under a copy right, and is what I am using, so I cannot reproduce much if anything without citing. Don't need a lawsuit on my hands! If you can find an original that would be even better! There is a copy on  sale on ebay at the moment for $25. I may beat you to it though! 

Have a lovely day! 

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