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{photo courtesy of greenwatermelon, because this stuff doesn't last long enough to take a picture of it!}

This morning I had a meeting at Starbucks. At 9:00. Pretty early for me, but a good way to make myself get up on my day off and enjoy it, rather than sleeping in and feeling like I've wasted half the day. After the little get together I decided to walk across the parking lot to my favorite place to buy food. Trader Joes. T.W. and I have been doing good, avoiding the place for a while now seeing as most of the time their food is just a tad more expensive and we have been super money conscious lately. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but I have missed wandering around looking at all the fresh yummy stuff and buying $1.99 ciabatta bread! Well, dear reader,  I bought some bread, some tomatoes, some feta cheese, and I am making bruschetta for lunch today. 
We love it. And this is how we make it :

In your basket: 
  • French bread, ciabatta bread, italian bread, anything crusty that will hold up to the weight of the tomatoes etc.
  • Cherry tomatoes, or small golfball sized ones (my apologies for not having a technical name). Make sure they are ripe and juicy. 
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic cloves
  • fresh basil, or dried 
  • oregano
  • sea salt
  • Feta cheese. We have also used goat cheese and nearly keeled over from its deliciousness. You decide.
In your kitchen:
  • medium to large frying pan, nonstick
  • fork, or tongs for flipping bread
  • bowl
  • Spatula

1. Cube tomatoes into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces and combine in a bowl with a few tablespoons of olive oil, basil, oregano and sea salt to taste. 
2. Heat pan with enough olive oil to cover the pan to medium heat. Splash a drop of water in pan to judge when hot enough and place bread slices (about 1 1/2 inch thick, or to preference) in pan. Place a peeled garlic clove onto fork and rub bread with it. Flip bread once ready and repeat. Continue frying until bread is at desired crunchiness. We like a dark brown crust and medium brown inside, but if you like your food burned, by all means, do what you like!
3. While bread is still in pan, lower heat, add tomato mixture and let it warm a little from the heat of the pan. Add feta or goat cheese crumbles on top for approximately one minute and remove with spatula. (If you would like to melt the cheese a tad, you could stick it in a toaster oven on broil, monitored, but use caution. You don't want to dry out your bread from all the frying and toasting!)


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Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. Replies
    1. hooray for another bruschetta fan! I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like it. Well, maybe people who don't like tomatoes. Did you know you can make it with goat cheese and strawberries? Breakfast bruschetta! haha

  2. Your bruschetta looks amazing. And it is now pinned on my food yum yum boards. Gotta try this one out!


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