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In which I air some dirty laundry

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Well, I am usually the last person to jump on a bandwagon. Mainly because I am so oblivious to the fact that a bandwagon has formed. I think I was one of the last people to realize who Adele was, and I've known how awesome Toms shoes are, but still don't own a pair. It could be laziness... I don't know, but if you have been reading in some of the same blog circles I have lately, there has been a pretty neat little bandwagon going on. Along the lines of postsecret, but far more refreshing and personal, Things I'm afraid to tell you  that started over at Make Under my Life has taken off and it has inspired me to share some things that have been sitting in my evernotes files for quite awhile now. 


I can't drive stick shift (which means I cannot operate the only vehicle we own) because I am scared. Partly due to the fact that I totaled a car exactly one year ago, and also because I am afraid of failure. 

For the past few months now there has been a decided difference in my demeanor, my attitude towards people, and my over all spiritual life. The source of all of this has been from a dissatisfaction of where I am personally in my employment, transportation situation, and over all status in life. It has mainly been from a lack of trust and faith in the Lord. If you have no one to rely on but yourself life becomes a weary, meaningless circle of self-interest and frustration. My encouragement if you are unhappy with something and it seems to wear you down: reevaluate your relationship with the Lord. You may have drifted farther away than you thought as I have in the past seven months. 

I am frustrated by the fact that I have 101 followers on twitter, and approaching the 300 mark on pinterest, yet my blog readership is tiny. In general, I pay attention to numbers and rely on affirmation way too much, while at the same time it's kind of a necessary inspiration to keep writing, you know? 

I am now a terrible purse snob thanks to my (almost) previous job. It's bad. 

I drank hot tea in college to look more intellectual and stuff. Now I actually DO like it. But I won't be touching the stuff until it gets to October again. Hot tea in a southern summer is just a dizzy spell waiting to happen.

envy and compare myself to people with nice clothes, popular blogs, cute babies, a car, an iPhone, a seemingly better situation of life, you name it. Jealousy isn't even the best word to describe it now. ENVY is a hugely overlooked sin. Click here for more about that. 

I wait to do the dishes until there aren't any left to cook with. I absolutely hate doing dishes... and unfortunately I married a man who is the same way, which means I can't foist the duties off on someone else! Just a warning, if you ever visit our house, it may not be the prettiest in the kitchen if you come on short notice. And if you gave warning, they'll still be air-drying in a pile next to the sink. 

I could spill and spill all of my insecurities, my quirks and personal problems for ever... but I'm a firm believer of keeping things short and sweet in blog-land. Easier to digest, ya know? Now, I challenge, and maybe even dare you a little bit to write a few things you are afraid to tell us here in cyber space. I do hope though that you will do it only if you are ready to, not because it's a bandwagon. Honesty is great, but if you will regret sharing it after you've hit the 'post' button... maybe you should wait, pray about it, and come to terms and then write about it. 

Have a good week all! 
love, Kate.

About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. Whoa. I appreciate your honesty. I've also struggled recently with (blog, life, possession) envy, and am trying to be happy with what I have. Thanks for making me think about it differently and realize I'm not the only one!

    1. Aw, I'm glad I was some kind of encouragement! Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize a problem, and even then I have to realize multiple aspects of it before I can come to terms with it. Let me know how things go with seeking contentment! It's good to have people who can relate and check back with!

  2. I ADORE your honesty, sincerely beautiful. I saw your comment on Naomi's blog so I had to come see you! I just left a comment on her post too, maybe go check that out to see what I had to say...!

    Lovely blog and again, admire your honesty. You will get to new heights as long as you are seeking newness of heart, I just know it. God is in the business of redeeming us from our sin and ugliness, and He so wants us seeking Him first in all things, and that is what you are doing, and you are honest, which is rare and beautiful

    Nice to meet you!

    1. Just went over and read it! Great input! :) And thanks so much for joining my little rank of readers! It means a bazzunch (bazillion bunches) to me!

  3. you now have 22 followers, {wink wink}


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