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We're car shopping. Oh boy. I feel like I am all of a sudden having to grow up and pretend to be an adult BIG TIME right now! I'm about to start a new job, new responsibilities, and things to learn, and on top of it all attempting to find a new (used?) car to get me there. Lots of prayers on making a wise decision would be wonderfully accepted and appreciated! We are hoping to find a very reliable, yet low-priced vehicle that won't come back and bite us with huge repairs and maintenance costs for the next few years. We are exploring all of our options, but boy... it's so much harder than the 1950's advertising made it out to be! 
To be honest it's stressing me out. Watching the newest (available) episode of New Girl on hulu helped me laugh and relax a bit. Also, listening to Gotye is my new favorite pastime. 

Here's a link to a beautiful magazine put together by a very talented and ambitious lady. 
FRYD magazine. (issue #3
Her putting together a magazine all by herself makes me think of the "magazines" I would make when I was little. I'll have to see if my mom saved any so I can scan photos of them and show them to you all. 

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