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{blueberries from Aldi. Love that store!}

Hello all! It's June! Which means I went up for a few days to Flat Rock N.C. this week with T.W. and a lot of other pastors/seminary students in the denomination for the yearly church business meeting. Think lots of men in khakis and polos sitting in a big room for hours at a time. Yeah. No fun for them, but it's nice for the wives and kids who come up with their husbands and dads! We just hang out the whole time! I spent most of my time with either my mom and sister, or our pastor's family. And no time at all thinking about home. I sometimes consider the mountains more of a home than any other places I have lived. T.W. pin pointed my feelings I think. He said "well, no doubt! It's probably been the most constant thing in your life." Just about every year my family would come up with Dad while he sat through the meetings, and we would spend those few days wandering around Hendersonville, playing in the pool, and when we were older going to Triple Falls. (Yes, where part of The Hunger Games was filmed. I have been there before it was cool. YES!) If we didn't go, we knew the mountains were still there, and we made it up eventually for one reason or another. I found myself not wanting to come home. At. All. The mountains feel more comfortable. More welcoming, more suited to my introverted nature.

Is there a place, a town, a hole in the wall, or a vacation home you find refuge from the rest of the year's hum drum? I'd love to hear about it! Pictures are even better!

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  1. I love Aldi!! I just went into one for the first time after moving back to Florida. Can find some great steals :)


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