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Dear Sir or Ma'am,
I really really would like a job... please give me a break.

That's all I really wanted to write these past two months after filling out countless applications and getting no responses, or if I did, I didn't get the ones I wanted! "We have already filled the position. Thank you for applying." The equivalent of a big red letter F stamped on your resume. Over qualified, under qualified, not enough experience. I really wondered what these people sitting at their desks were thinking! My self confidence last week was really at an all time low.

My friends, I am now about to confirm for the zillionth time in human history that it is not what you know, but who you know. (Or is it whom?) Anyway.

Our church family has always been looking out for TW and I and throughout this whole job falling through and my job search I have learned one wonderful thing. God uses his people as instruments to move in your life. I got so many newspaper clippings advertising new office openings, job fairs, classifieds. I was asked where I had been looking for jobs and then given suggestions about where to apply online. During the last week or so a lady approached me, said her son who works at a south carolina credit union told her that they were hiring for a few teller positions. I had already applied for the positions I knew about hoping to get some kind of call back, but this was an inside track. She called and told me to meet with the HR department the next day and I went. I took a skills and personality test, was asked to return a few days later for an interview, and then went home.

I was internally very frustrated. I had so many irons in the fire. I think I lost count at about 40 applications, and I had no real reason to expect anything out of this. I had gone through two interviews for another place and never heard back from them. I had finally started giving the situation over to the Lord, and decided to stubbornly grimace my way down to the interview determined not to get my hopes up. I of course smiled during the interview, and then went home. I received another call the next day and was asked if I wanted to apply for a second position - at a branch closer to our house, and in a place I really preferred. This time I started feeling more optimistic. Even a man at church said "I have a feeling this is gunna be it!" after he found out I had another interview. For once a company was actually doing something for me. Giving me more than one chance at a position.

The next day I dressed for the interview in our hot little apartment (after the AC dying and getting next to no sleep) hoping I would have a good interview and excited I wasn't having to drive so far this time. I get so anxious en route to interviews, and the longer the route, the longer I have to get nervous. I was surprisingly relaxed in the interview, and optimistic afterwards. Later that afternoon while shopping with a new seminary-student-wife-friend I get a missed call and had to wait to hear the voicemail. I finally was able to listen to it about ten minutes later, called the HR person back and was offered a position!
It was so hard not to jump up and down for joy like a crazy loon.

The weight of unemployment has since melted away and my self-confidence is starting to return. I start work in two weeks, so now I just feel like I am on (a tightly budgeted at-home) vacation. You will think I am so weird for this, but I am so excited for training. Training! I can't wait to be showed how to do my new job. Something we all don't really appreciate until we don't have it and are then thrown into a position.

Now, I would like to offer some encouragement to any of you looking for a job, waiting for word back on some huge decision, trying to figure out life's frustrating logisitics.

We are sometimes put through hard times to learn about God's character and to build our own. This time I learned that The Lord provides. Many times in the eleventh hour, and sometimes right away! But the fact still remains that He is faithful to his children, and always will be. I learned that I am easily swayed by acceptance or the lack thereof and that my trust and source of acceptance must be found in Him. You may not receive the news you expect or want, but please know that in any outcome it IS for your good. We silly humans just can't get it past our thick skulls that anything other than our own wants and desires might be a good thing!

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Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?


  1. Congrats!! I'm a new reader...what's your husbands goal after seminary...if you don't mind me asking? My husbands a student pastor. We love it!!

  2. Aw thank you so much for reading my blog! TW's track is to be ordained and pastor a church somewhere! I'm so glad to have a reader who can relate!
    - K


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