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I'm Back!

By   Katherine Wilson      9:20 PM       

It's been a few months hasn't it? Yes, well, we won't mention how many shall we? I have a few ideas to get this party started and the first one was a new blog design. Because, well, I was in the midst of a blog re-do before my computer went kaput, and whatever I was thinking at the time was weird and crazy. But there are lots of changes about to happen in life on my end and I think it's about time I put some serious effort into sharing these changes, and what life is like for a near ex-seminary wife and maybe - dare I say it - future pastor's wife. No, no babies in the future that we are planning on, but that may be shared later on in life. Right now I think my focus is going to be what I have in my banner: Making and Living a meaningful life. Not a passive-blah life, but one where whatever I do is done to glorify God and have a meaningful impact in other's lives and the people who read this blog.

I hope you will enjoy what I have coming in the future, and that you will share the meaningful journey with me! Because you are not a useless lump. You are made in His image and are remarkable. So, pass the chocolate, and coffee and lets run with this! 


(photo cred: Canva)

About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?

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