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Christmas Panic

By   Katherine Wilson      12:50 PM       

You've still got turkey leftovers in the fridge, you're thinking about what you bought on black Friday, or are thankful you didn't go out in that mess, and you're looking at the calendar thinking: "Woah... it's only three and a half weeks til Christmas!" 

And you panic.

Or if you're me at least, that's what is going on in your little brain. I looked at all the ideas I have pinned in my boards for Christmas and how I won't get them all done. There is also this pressure to have to best darn Christmas in the history of Christmas EVER. Because T.W. is finishing up seminary in December, and he won't have a church with all the busy responsibilities that happen at Christmas time. So we really are set up to have a great Christmas. If we take advantage of it that is. 

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and because my love language involves gift giving, I REALLY enjoy it. Birthdays are my second favorite. I seriously have to stop myself from buying all the things for people when I'm walking down the aisles of Stuff-mart. (please tell me you got that reference)
If you're anything like me you stress out about getting your friends and family things that the really want, can use and aren't going to break the bank.

WHICH is why I'm in full on LIST MODE.

What to get T.W.
What we should do as a fairly care-free couple this year to make lots of memories
What to start as new Christmas traditions
What to get my sisters
What to get my mom and dad
What to get for friends and co-workers
How we're going to do the Christmas cards for church 
What I want to make for goodies to bring to get togethers
What I want to do in my down time
What I'm going to handmake vs. what I'll buy in the store.


Let's take a breather and remember:

We are in a highly commercialized season and I need to remember that there is something way more important. This time of year people are singing songs about Jesus being born in a manger, and many have no idea why they are singing it! 

Here's why my friends:

And we can't forget this. At any time of year.
Especially Christmas. 

About Katherine Wilson

Katherine is your typical white female who likes pumpkin spice lattes, anything fall scented, and the color 'mint'. But She also is the wife of a seminary student and a woman who strives to live a creative life for the glory of her maker. Now ain't that somethin' different?

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