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December Favorites

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This is the first time I have ever done a "Insert Month of the Year Favorites" thing before. I really don't buy all that many cosmetics/toiletries that often, but recently my face took a nosedive and it was also Christmas (aka SALE season) so I got one other thing I normally wouldn't have. And my tree was really pretty this year and made a good backdrop. So here we go. 


Garnier "DISORDER"  Power Wax Spray for Men

Ok. I bought this for T.W. because he had run out of his styling paste stuff. He doesn't do much other than use it to keep his hair in place. No crazy waves etc. So I thought this was a less-messy version he could use, bought it, and gave it to him. Then one day I wanted to do my hair in an updo but my hair was just washed (AKA super soft fine hair with NO hold). So I sprayed some of this in my hair, brushed it through, braided some parts and did my updo and went on my merry way. Midway through the day I realized it hadn't loosened! It hadn't budged! The little hairs I'm trying to grow out in the back from a bob hadn't slipped out of their bobby pins! It's a Christmas Miracle! 
Nope, it's DISORDER!!!

I don't use this unless I'm pinning my hair up in some kind of up do, and it has a very "manly" smell, but it fades. If you have super fine hair like mine that slides out of anything you try to put it up in, try this! I'm sure there are other products out there, but this is definitely a functional budget friendly option! 


Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair "CC" Cream (Light)

Like I said earlier my face decided to rebel against me. I had bought this Biore junk at the nearby drug store which I am convinced had probably been on the shelf a year or more at the looks of the other dusty bottles around it. I have adult acne that still crops up when Aunt Flow comes,  and then come November it just didn't stop. I was left with uneven skin, really bad redness that wasn't getting covered with my makeup... just nightmare skin. This was on one of those "last chance" sales at Walgreens (last I looked a couple days ago it was still there btw) and bought it on a whim. I promise it was like a commercial. I put it on the next morning and my face looked SO much more even. I've used it almost every morning under my base and it's given me a more luminous look. Some days it's all I wear with a little powder! It's the junk. Buy it. I have oily skin and it's really helped control the oil throughout the day too! 


Oil of Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Scrub

I bought this at the same time I bought the CC cream because of that awful no good terrible Biore cleanser. I could tell when I put on makeup that I had tons of dead skin that wasn't getting scrubbed off and my skin was just splotchy unhappiness. Enter this stuff. It's a bit more expensive, but for good skin that keeps improving, I'll pay the extra! It has definitely helped to even my skin tone, gotten rid of the icky dead skin and helped my skin look brighter. It doesn't have any acne meds in it which means I have to use some spot treatment instead, but after using salicylic acid washes I think it was just stripping and not helping with the acne at all. So I went with a "non acne" wash that has done way better! Go figure! Plus this smells so much better than chemical-filled stuff. I love honeysuckle!


Bath and Body Works Golden Magnolia Sun Body Mist

HOORAY FOR SALES! Got this for $5 the other day and it just makes me happy. My sense of smell is SO sensitive, and it's hard to find things that don't overpower me and give me a headache. Especially at B&BW. But they "did good" on this one. It's sort of strong at the start, but powers down for a subtle magnolia yumminess. It's definitely not anything you need, so I have a hard time saying "go out and buy this NOW!" but if you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket this is a nice little treat. And if you're like me it will last you a long time because I forget to put smelly stuff on unless it's the weekend. P.S. With the winter season on us, good smells can lift your spirits, so this is an investment in your sanity! Woohoo! 

And that is my exceptionally wordy December Favorites.
Hope you got some good ideas for your next Walgreens/CVS/Target/Walmart/B&BW Run! 

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