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By   Katherine Wilson      8:57 PM   


I'm Katherine!
(sometimes seen as Kate on social media because I can't make my lazy self type out my full name) I am married to a pretty quirky and sweet man named T.W. (here on the blog) who is currently finishing up seminary and, we hope, on his way to a call at a church. Yes, that's right. I'm a future pastor's wife. BUT! Don't let your reading stop there!

I will most times write about:

  • every day goings on
  • Yummy things I (infrequently) cook
  • What it's like to be a seminary wife and maybe even what it's like to start out as the wife of a pastor, God willing.
  • Oh, and because my hobbies are numerous and infrequent, you may see some "look what I      made!" posts.

My goal is to be as genuine as possible, as uplifting as I can be with His help, and continue to be your average white chick that likes pumpkin spice lattes, but is too poor to buy them but maybe once a month, and a sucker for packaging and target sales racks.

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